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What We Provide


maybe you just want to sell a few items around the house to free up some space or could use a few extra dollars

Set Ups

We'd be happy to come in and set up a sale for you to hold!

Ft. Meigs Estate Sales is a full service company...and we help you choose what services you need. Listed below are only a few. Our recommendation is to give us a call before you get started, it costs nothing and could save you valuable time and money. We are happy to speak with you or
stop by & see you. 

A Ft. Meigs Estate Sale

Before & After 

Moving/Estate/Liquidation Sales

We will completely sort through, organize, set up, advertise, hold a 1-3 day+ sale, and clean up afterward. Many of our clients choose this as one of their options. This lends itself as the easiest and works well if the house is listed or has been sold. We will work directly with your agent to ensure the readiness of the property prior to your closing.

Family Sales

This option works well when a family is struggling with each other and all the details at hand.

Content Auction

This is the faster option to liquidate many items in a limited and scheduled amount of time. 

Listing for Sale the Real Estate

Team up with our agent to sell the property when your sale is running! We have an average of 500-1000 people through a property in a 48 hour period when having a sale. 

Listing for Auction the Real Estate

Why not make the sale of the property an exclusive event? You state the time and date and pay no commissions.