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Why Hire Us?

First of All...We can handle it all!  We have licensed Realtors on staff as well as a Industry Certified Stager.  Should you need full service and prefer a one stop shop we're here for all your housing and home needs offering numerous ways to market the home and the furnishings.  

Interview more than one or two potential companies. How do you determine a potential company? Go to each company's sales! Take note of cleanliness, customer service, pricing, and the care of the staging of all merchandise. Ask for references and check them. Remember...the company you hire is responsible for your possessions and your money.

What are the fees/costs? 

Reputable and established companies charge a fixed percent of gross sales based on your needs, between 25-35%.

BEWARE of companies charging lower than average fees! You should be hiring an experienced "marketing company" with expertise in antiques, collectibles & household items. Companies who undercut fees will be selling your items for fractions of what they are worth with inadequate marketing & advertising. Remember the old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true..."

BEWARE!!! A reputable and established company should NEVER ask for upfront monies or credit cards "held on file", should never adjust their percentage based on the final dollar amount of a sale, and should never charge additional fees for labor, per room charges, and/or set ups/clean outs.

Who pays for advertising?

Typically the advertising is paid by the client. The estate sale company should write a detailed ad, place the ad and pay for the ad. The estate sale company is reimbursed at the end of the sale from the proceeds. You always have the right to ask for a copy of the receipt(s) for any and all advertising.

Does everything get a price tag?

It should! How would someone know it was for sale? 99.9% of all items at an estate sale should be cleaned, staged and positioned to sell, with a price tag. A successful sale occurs when items are clean, priced and displayed in an eye pleasing manner.

Are there any pre-sales?

No, all items are available to any shopper at the opening of a sale. Pre-sales with family members are considered a family sale. Not all companies perform family sales.

What is the time required to have a sale?

Reputable and established companies schedules are typically first come first serve, however, schedules can possibly be adjusted to fit your needs. It is important to get on someone's schedule as soon as possible. Set up for a sale could take 2+ weeks to properly clean, stage, tag, price, advertise and promote your sale.